Hello world.

This year we are launching a new conference for the games industry.

Thursday, 20 April 2023 at Boden Game Camp.


The schedule is now set for the conference and we are looking forward to listening and discussing with a number of very interesting speakers to make sure this will be a day to remember for all participants.
Thursday, 20 April 2023


Chartered Bus from Skellefteå to Boden

Going from Skellefteå Campus to Boden Business Park. To reserve a spot, make sure you have signed up when you register for the event for the optional bus going from Skellefteå to Boden Game Camp

9:30 - 10.00

Registration opens

Pick up your badge and some hot beverages while warming up for an exciting day

10:00 - 10.15

Inauguration of the first Boden Game Changer Conference - Mattias Bergqvist

Moderator - Andrew Allen

10:15 - 11.00

Keynote #1 - Nickole Li

A game dev journey from Singapore to Sweden, talking about AAA and indie and about where the game industry could go when assisted with AI.

11:00 - 11.15

Break - Networking and mingle

Coffee & Tea

11:15 - 12.00

Keynote #2 - Michael Stenmark

Forward, Northward!

Rock'n roll, the journey to the North & drawing trolls as a profession!

- a life in the games industry.

12:00 - 13.00


Lunch is included for all participants and will be served in the private restaurant across the street from the venue.

Lunch menu:Pulled Pork / Pulled Jackfruit

13:00 - 13.45

Keynote #3 - Emil Sandberg

How to assemble an Indie studio up north and aim for AAA Quality. 

13:45 - 14.00

Break - Networking and mingle

Coffee & Tea

14:00 - 14.35

Keynote #4 - Thomas Sunhede

Swedish Video Game History

14:35 - 14.45

Break - Networking and mingle

Coffee & Tea

14:45 - 15.30

Keynote #5 - Stefan Lampinen

The Games Industry - The new Steel

15:30 - 17.00

Playtest - Mingle - Chill

Hang out in our facilities, playtest some of our local productions or just chill with other developers after a hopefully fun and inspiring day.


Chartered Bus going back to Skellefteå

To reserve a spot, make sure you have signed up when you register for the event.

17:00 - 21.00

Afterwork and Developer Bar

Served at Restaurant Torget at Boden Business Park.

Dinner Menu:

Burger and beer 225 kr

The evening's burger, both vegan and animal options.

Torget's fries, Onion rings, Mozzarella sticks


Beer/cider of the evening 60 kr

Dessert of the evening: Pannacotta 45 kr
(Dinner fee not included in the conference ticket)

Why Participate?

Do you want to meet and hear what some of the most interesting minds in the industry see as the biggest challenges, advantages and forces that are shaping the future of game development?

Plus there is a good chance to have a casual conversation with the same people before or after their talks on stage during a full day of networking at Boden Game Camp.

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